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University Condos are designed to generate income for the persistent investor and parents who wish to give their children the freedom to create and manage their own space. The attraction to invest in student property as an asset class increases due to the relatively high offers resulting from increasing demand.
A Location is an ideal place for one not only to spend one’s school days, or for families to start building their dreams, it also offers immense investment potential.
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The decision to move to a new place is an essential step in everyone’s life, and this is why we want to be by your side and help you choose the perfect place.


The simple answer is "it depends." We've all heard the comment "rent is dead money," and indeed, if you are the sort of person who does not save, then buying instead of renting is a form of 'forced savings.' However, if you are thinking about your financial future and are committed to invest, then almost certainly renting will be a better option (so long as you invest simultaneously). Remember, renting while saving it will make a difference for your future. For No More or Even Less than you are now paying in rent, YOU can own private NEW pads for your children in college, the Condominium ownership that will give you pride and peace of mind. It's Time to Smarten Up! Why spend P10,000 to P15,000 each month in rent, when you can invest the same money and own a New University Belt Condominium. read more>


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On-Going Construction / Estimate Completion: 2025

Re-Sale - 20% below market value in Malate Manila 

Ready for Occupancy - There are more units to choose from.

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