From a buyer's perspective, purchasing a resale condo unit or a flat is a profitable purchase. It is better to get ownership of a condo unit at a price lower than the market rate. Also, when you buy a flat in resale, you save the money you spend on paying the house rent. Instead, you can use the amount to pay your home loan for buying the resale flat. You can also take possession of the condo unit immediately after the purchase without waiting months or years. Manila Best Homes will check and verify all the property papers and legal documents involved in the purchase to ensure that the flat has all the required government approvals and the seller has the right to sell it.
Resale Condo Unit
<span style="font-weight: bold;">FOR sale in malate manila&nbsp;</span>
FOR sale in malate manila 
The unit is for sale from the 1st owner at University Tower Malate, 23 sqm, 7th Floor, facing PGH. The present condtion of the unit has floor cracks, kitchen countertop and base cabinet are damaged. The owner will change the whole floor tiles, kitchen countertop, and base cabinet; The hanging cabinet is also for repair and repainting the entire unit.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">for sale in malate manila</span>
for sale in malate manila
The unit is a 49sqm on the 36th floor with 2BR, spacious toilet & bath to adjoin the laundry located at the corner of the tower facing Pedro Gil Street. Enjoy the ownership of this unit with the complete furnishing you need. From its original selling price of Php11,000,000, the price has decreased to only Php9,000,000.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">for sale in sampaloc manila</span>
for sale in sampaloc manila
This unit is on the 17th floor of University Tower P Noval with a 25sqm area. You don't need to worry about your vehicle's safety because the unit includes one parking slot. Because the property is within the university belt area, your investment could earn from renting out to students of the nearby universities.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">FOR SALE IN MALATE MANILA</span>&nbsp;
This Fully-Furnished Condo Unit is FOR SALE in Victoria de Manila 1, Malate, Metro Manila, near LRT-1 Pedro Gil. You will love this peaceful, bi-level unit with 3BR/2T&B will give you 46.15 sqm of generous privacy space. This condo unit is Title ready and has an updated Real Property Tax Payment.
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