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Earn Passive Income with your Condo

Do you have an idle condominium unit and want to make some extra money? 
Homeowners have been taking advantage of the sharing economy by renting out their spaces to eager tenants and loving it! Here are three tips to help you attract renters and start getting paid: 
1. Offer competitive rates compared to the local rental market. Show the value of the location, amenities, and any added benefits like access to a pool or gym. 
2. Highlight potential rewards of renting out the space. Stress the convenience and flexibility of the rental agreement and emphasize how short-term tenants can help cover ownership costs. 
3. Provide reliable customer support. Let tenants know you are there to answer any questions and build a relationship. Offer them peace of mind before and during their stay. 
Enjoy this lucrative opportunity and rent your condominium unit today with us!
You list your property here, and we'll match it with suitable tenants from our client database. We are there for you, from setting up property viewings to creating rental agreements.

Your privacy is always important. Your information will not be shared, sold, or exchanged.

Please attach proof of ownership (monthly Admin Statement of Account, Unit's bill payment like Meralco or water)