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Should you Rent or Invest?

The simple answer is "it depends." We've all heard the comment "rent is dead money," and indeed, if you are the sort of person who does not save, then buying instead of renting is a form of 'forced savings.' However, if you are thinking about your financial future and are committed to invest, then almost certainly renting will be a better option (so long as you invest simultaneously). Remember, renting while saving it will make a difference for your future.For No More or Even Less than you are now paying in rent, YOU can own private NEW pads for your children in college, the Condominium ownership that will give you pride and peace of mind.It's Time to Smarten Up! Why spend P10,000 to P15,000 each month in rent, when you can invest the same money and own a New University Belt Condominium. 

Rent vs. Buy 

Whether the student is living in a dormitory or a rented apartment, the benefits of owning rather than renting are significant. The security and peace of mind that can be in a safe and secure condominium building cannot match in a transient apartment complex or dormitory. Additionally, each month's cost as an owner can be about the same or less than what would be paid monthly to a landlord. Adding to that, the tax advantages of homeownership, the promise of gain in investment value, and the fact of not having a landlord to deal with - the benefits of ownership over renting are immense.It makes no sense to flush P10,000, P12,000, or P15,000 each month down to drain in rent when you can buy an asset that can make you money for the same money or less. Buying especially makes sense when the investment is a prize-winning, our new condominium with all the features and amenities that go with it. 

3 Good Reasons to Buy 

  1. Security - Typical rental apartment complexes don't provide both a monitored security system in each unit and a guarded entry system for their tenants. And when rental complexes do have some security, it is usually not well maintained - once installed, it is often quickly forgotten. 
  2. Investment Value - As long as you have to pay for a place to live during college, wouldn't it be nice to have something besides rent receipts when you're done? Condominium values best during the year for almost 40% increase. Your unit's rental business is very much possible when you are not using your condo unit. The money you paid for your condo unit could have a return on investment through its yearly increase in value and through the rental business. 
  3. No Landlords - Unlike a rented apartment, there are no unreasonable rules. You can bring all stuff you wish with you to college, you can paint the rooms any colors you want, and you can hang shelves anywhere you like. Because - You are the Owner!